Welcome to Chipmunk Class!

Our class teacher is Miss Rose
Our teaching assistants are Miss Ayris and Miss Day

Continuous provision in EYFS and Key Stage 1

At Hemswell, we passionately believe that young children learn best through play and exploration. Wherever possible we offer children the opportunity to experience real life events that are linked to their learning.  Every day our children get the opportunity to be an artist, writer, mathematician, scientist, designer or a storyteller to name but a few! These play-based experiences enable the children to consolidate their skills, knowledge and understanding and enable them to be become independent and resilient learners. Throughout the environment, both inside and outside, you will see busy children actively engaged in a wide range of activities that they themselves have chosen. Continuous provision supports and encourages our children and staff to have a lifelong love of learning.

Useful Information

Year 1 children take the Phonics Screening Check in June every year.

Phonics Screening Check Guide for Parents

Long Term Plan Year 1 - 2 Cycle B

Year 1 and 2 Spelling List