Spitfire Class

World Book Day 2021

Well done and thank to the children. They made our ‘covid safe’ World Book Day a real smash! They designed and made book character potatoes, had stories and poems read to them over the big screen and voted for a tato-tastic story to end the day. Here are the tata -tots and the winner for each class.

Onomatopoeia By John Foster

Science and DT 7th December

Using our science work we made complete working circuits to provide power to a motor. We than used these to create our spinning plate art work.


Neolithic Village 22nd October

Using clay we constructed our own round houses to create a Neolithic village based on Skara Brae.


Investigating Sugar Monday 12th October

We used eggs as substitutes for our teeth and investigated if sugar was bad for our teeth. We put the eggs in: Water (0g), Milk (4.9g), Coffee (0g), Coca-Cola (10.6g) Juice (0.4g), Sugar free cola (0g) and recorded how much sugar was in each drink.

After a week, we looked at the liquids and the eggs to see what had happened.

From our findings we decided sugar is bad for your teeth and you need to brush your teeth regularly, so they don’t get stained and so you can get rid of the sugar crystals from sugary drinks.


Cave Paintings 24th September

For our topic we decided to try some drawing in the style of Stone Age Man, we sat inside our own caves and sketched people and animals. Then, we made our own cave wall with our drawings and hand prints.

Archaeological Dig 18th September

The archaeological dig to begin our topic gave us many clues to life in the Stone Age. After bagging our discoveries, we used books to try and find out what our artefacts were telling us.