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Reading at Hemswell Cliff School

Parents and the home environment are essential to the early teaching of reading and fostering a love of reading; children are more likely to continue to be readers in homes where books and reading are valued (Clark and Rumbold, 2006).

Reading for pleasure is strongly influenced by relationships between teachers and children, and children and families (Cremin et al, 2009).

Here at Hemswell Cliff School we know that reading is a skill for life. We read because: we are asked, we want a good job, to find information, but we also read because it’s FUN.

We are working hard to promote Reading for Pleasure and we also want to share with you our school library, which is back in use after the Covid restrictions.


The library is a comfortable, stimulating and welcoming reading area with cushions, chairs and a wicker reading hut to relax in and explore books.

Time to read

Designated library time will encourage children to read:

Choice of reading material

An important factor in developing reading for pleasure is choice. Through our Accelerated Reading Scheme each child can choose their reading book from within their reading book level. During library time, each child can choose and take out any book they wish too based-on their personal likes, interests and hobbies.

Accessing reading material

Children are free to experience literature in a way that suits them:

Book Recommendations

Children can influence what their friends read by recommending a book they have enjoyed and that they think their friend would enjoy. This also creates great opportunities for book talks.

A spoonful of murder
TA Spoonful of Murder
by Robin Stevens

I read this over Christmas because I love murder mysteries.

Although I wasn’t keen on the mystery itself, I enjoyed the book as it was set in a different country. The description of the sights, sounds and smells of another place was extremely interesting.

I am Malala
I am Malala
by Malala Yousafzai and Patricia McCormick

This is an amazing, eye-opening book by a very courageous young lady. Fighting for the right to an education, you discover through Malala tens of thousands of children can’t read or write. They are not allowed or can’t go to school, therefore their lives are a constant struggle for food, money and safety.

Boy and girls don’t take your education for granted!

The Tiger who came to tea written and illustrated by Judith Kerr
The Tiger who came to tea
by Judith Kerr

A wonderful story about Sophie and her mum and how they cope with an unexpected guest; who just happens to be a tiger! My goodness, he is one hungry tiger too! My favourite part is when the tiger gets really thirsty and drinks all of daddy’s beer. I think I would like this tiger to come to tea at my house because he is very polite and says thank you to Sophie and her mum before he leaves.

What a super book recommendation Charlie, I enjoyed re-reading it. However, I always wonder if at the end daddy really believed that a tiger really came to tea.

Read the Tiger Who came to tea and see what you think.

The Midnight Gang by David Walliams
The Midnight Gang
by David Walliams

Another rip-roaring read by Mr Walliams. This story really pushes the imagination to think of unusual ways to make dreams come true.

We follow a group of children in a hospital, from different family backgrounds, who belong to a gang whose adventures start at the strike of midnight. These adventures though, are very personal to each child. They are helped by someone who is not conventional looking on the outside, but who has the biggest heart imaginable on the inside. This story proves it’s not what you look like that counts, it’s your actions and just how much joy and happiness they can bring.

I hope you enjoy reading it (and laughing out loud) as much I did.

How to save the world with a chicken and an egg
By Emma Shevah

Because of all of the things happening in the world today, I think this is a top, must read.

Two children, Ivy and Nathanial, from different and difficult backgrounds, come together to use their unique gifts to make the world a better place.

Nathanial’s understanding of the animal world really shows us how amazing Earth’s creatures are and Ivy’s special gift is something we would all benefit from.

The story is funny, sad in places and very informative about how and why we need to protect the Earth and its inhabitants.

Please put it on your Christmas list, I guarantee you will absolutely love it and the two main characters.

Please ask you child about their reading book and what they have borrowed from the library.