Our Uniform

We aim to encourage a sense of pride in the children and ask you to support us by adhering as closely as possible to the recognised school dress code

Uniforms can be ordered from school, sweatshirts are kept in stock in the school office all year round.

All clothing, lunch boxes and school bags should be clearly labelled with your child’s name. We can then return any lost property to the owner.


Royal blue school sweatshirt, white polo shirt, grey/black trousers, skirt or pinafore, grey tights, black shoes.


White polo shirt, grey trousers/ shorts, skirt or pinafore, blue and white checked dress, black shoes or dark coloured sandals.

All children should be provided with a hat to protect their heads and necks from the sun in summer.

PE Kit

White T-shirt, dark blue shorts. Children work in bare feet for indoor work, but trainers or plimsolls are needed for outdoor PE. In cold weather pupils may wear tracksuits if they wish


Children are discouraged from wearing trainers, slip on shoes or shoes with a high heel inside school.


Pupils are responsible for the security of their personal possessions. Valuable or expensive items should not be brought to school. We therefore strongly discourage the children wearing any jewellery in school, although we recognise that there will be cultural or religious reasons when flexibility will be shown. We look for your sympathetic co-operation. Earrings should be small studs only.